Latitude!    We loved you! Here are some photos and a video of our concert - the sun was blazing down powering up the solar piano, loading it up with plenty of good vibes and good energy! 

We had a brilliant day. It started off by us all getting escorted from backstage to the stage by way of desert buggy to a private jetty, where we went on a five minute boat ride across the lake. A woodland path led us up to the stage, where the piano stood in the flickering shadows of the trees . .  the breeze blowing through  . .   really, it doesn't get much better! Plus we had a great sound - the all important factor - so thanks to the sound guys.    


Audience, we loved you too! Whenever I looked up I was blown away by how many people were there  . and really listening .. this is always such an honour. Thank you if you were there, and thank you for all the truly life changing messages everyone sent in. Thank you too Festival Republic for having faith, and booking us. This sort of day means so much. As artists I think we spend so much time wrestling alone in the studio . . (tech, perfectionism and other demons!) Necessary sometimes but too much wrestling can be harmful! So, we are looking forward to doing more live performances in the future . . we have three great concerts coming up and more in the wings so we hope you can catch us at one of them.


Wishing you an equally wonderful day today - with love Frances

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