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 "Walls of earthy electronic sound over which soars delicate piano led melody' " . .

Frances Shelley, an established composer and Matthew Bickerton, hardware/software engineer both share an abiding love for sound as well as for planet earth.  Combining these two drives, they formed Pianofield in 2016.  They have since made work due for release early in 2019 as well as given on a number of public performances exploring the connection between the environment and the human. 

In order to draw attention to the massive issue of the protection of the planet they developed the Solar Powered Piano. Powering all the electronics from a solar panel on the lid of the grand piano enables them to make music in wonderful and surprising locations; walls of sound echo across stark and bleak marshlands,  hypnotic arpeggios merge with the sound of seagulls, rain and wind, as the sounds of nature itself become part of the music.  More about the technical side can be found at  

 Originating in 2016, they recently played the Sunrise Stage at Latitude Festival 2018, performed as part of Pianoday 2017 and 2018, as well as numerous festivals, private events, art galleries and installations. 

"Whether creating their own alluring, ethereal landscape or collaborating electronically with the precise movements of a bird on the other side of the world via wi fi, Pianofield blend music and technology to hypnotic effect. Sultry, slow-burning passages give way to rhythmic crescendo and delicate flights. Frances’ lilting piano melodies, at once familiar and mysterious, dissolve in and out of stark minimalism as they converse with Matthew’s vast original soundscapes"  Flipside Festival.

"Music that transports one to another dimension .. "  Thomas Dolby.

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